Danbury, CT Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Has a dog owner in your Fairfield County or Litchfield County neighborhood failed to restrain a domestic pet that bit and seriously injured you or your child?

The lawyer who knows strict liability legal issues — and can use that knowledge to your benefit — is Dom Chieffalo, founder of the Law Office of Dom Chieffalo in Danbury.

For almost 20years, our skilled personal injury law firm has provided victims of dog bites and animal attacks, and their families, with experienced representation and dedicated service that gets positive results.

We urge you to contact us if an animal attack has interrupted your life or that of a loved one. Your initial consultation is free.

A dog bite can cloud the injured victim's judgment toward animals forever. Those psychological scars combine with actual, physical scars to traumatize a dog attack victim long term, in addition to possible disfigurement. Dom Chieffalo offers honest answers to your questions and cost-effective solutions to your legal and medical problems stemming from a serious dog bite.

An attack by a dog that victimizes a delivery person or postal carrier can also be a premises liability issue. Attorney Chieffalo looks into every aspect of what happened to you, uses facts of your case to negotiate with insurers and is always prepared to take your case to trial if necessary to achieve the justice you deserve.

A permanent scar or disfigurement on a dog attack victim could require expensive surgery and years of therapy to overcome its ill effects. Medical bills can accumulate and wages can be lost from time spent in recovery rather than at your job. The maximum financial compensation we work hard for, on your behalf, should reflect your emotional stress as well as physical pain and suffering.

Dom Chieffalo protects your rights from start to finish of the legal process, gives you constant access to his expertise and can visit your home or hospital room if you are too injured to travel to your free initial consultation.

Fairfield County Personal Injury Attorney Serving Victims Of Dog Bites

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