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Hire a dependable real estate lawyer in Danbury, CT

The world of real estate is closely aligned with the law. Property ownership and building codes often leave home and commercial property buyers in need of a real estate lawyer.

The Law Office of Dom Chieffalo handles everything from real estate contract negotiation to condo refinancing in Danbury, CT. Attorney Dom Chieffalo worked as a real estate agent for more than 13 years before beginning his law career, so you can trust that he knows how the home buying and selling processes work.

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Team up with a skilled lawyer

Buying or refinancing a single- or multi-family home is complicated. Attorney Dom Chieffalo can make the process feel simpler. As your real estate lawyer, he can:

  • Negotiate closing contracts
  • Draft and review closing documents
  • Deal with code issues, inspections and liens
  • Provide detailed legal counsel
  • Explain refinancing options

You can take control of your real estate problems. Visit a renowned law office in Danbury, CT today.