Drug Crimes

A conviction for a drug-related crime can impact your ability to find employment, qualify for student financial aid, find housing and even own a firearm. Additionally, in an effort to combat drug-related crime, legislators have introduced mandatory sentences for certain kinds of narcotics offenses. And, under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), the government can seize any property or assets it believes you acquired through illicit drug-related activities.

Under RICO, your bank account can be frozen, your home or car forfeited, and your investments seized - even if you are acquitted of the drug crime for which you are charged. The Law Office of Dom Chieffalo defends the rights of those accused of drug crimes, challenging the validity of search warrants, car stops, wiretapping, and interrogations on the part of law enforcement authorities.

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Drug Possession and Related Drug Crimes

The law office of Dom Chieffalo represents clients in the Danbury and Bethel, CT area charged with drug related crimes such as:

  • Drug possession
  • » Morphine
  • Narcotics / drug trafficking
  • Manufacturing drugs - methamphetamine
  • Distribution or selling of illegal drugs
  • Acquiring prescription drugs illegally
  • » Opium
  • » Methamphetamine
  • » Ecstasy
  • » Cocaine
  • » Heroin
  • » Marijuana

Holding Police and Prosecutors Responsible

Drug arrests often occur after a car stop. Typically, a police officer sees a car that either looks suspicious or is carrying people that look suspicious. Since officers can't stop a car without probable suspicion, officers often claim some minor infraction or strange driving behavior constituted the reasonable suspicion needed to pull someone over. Once a car is stopped, its contents can only be searched if there is something that constitutes "probable cause" for searching the vehicle - that is, something that indicates the presence of illegal activity.

Too often, however, police claim they have a right to search a car - or ask unsuspecting drivers if they can their search a vehicle - and find drugs as a result. As your felony lawyer, Dom Chieffalo carefully reviews the actions of the police, eyewitness statements, and dashboard video. He identifies violations of police procedure and the constitutional rights of his clients, demanding that evidence seized pursuant to the arrest be thrown out, and the charges against his client dropped.

Fighting for a Reduction in Charges and Sentencing

When it becomes necessary to work with prosecutors, attorney Dom Chieffalo explores alternatives to lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines in exchange for community service, drug counseling and probation. While there is no way to guarantee a specific outcome, felony lawyer Chieffalo is a skilled negotiator who knows how to build his clients' cases in requesting a reduction in charges or sentencing against his clients.

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