DWI And DUI Charges Require A Strong Legal Defense in Danbury, CT

The Law Office of Dom Chieffalo places an added focus within their criminal law practice on defending the rights of people charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Formally known as DWI or DUI, OUI charges carry serious consequences if you are convicted.

Aside from expensive court costs and fines, lost wages, attorneys' fees, and sky-rocketing insurance rates, an OUI conviction could even cost you future employment opportunities.

Drunk driving charges are not the only provision of the OUI statute. Charges may be brought for the operation of a vehicle under substances including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and other illegal drugs. In addition, an OUI charge related to drugs may be accompanied by charges like drug possession, distribution, drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance, and others.

What To Expect

If you are facing an OUI or drunk driving charge, it is imperative that you find an experienced DWI attorney whom you can trust.

Should you decide to retain DWI attorney Dom Chieffalo, he will sit down with you to go over the circumstances of your arrest, any blood or breathalyzer test results, and details of the search if one took place. After that we will have an honest discussion of your options and you will be able to decide how to proceed from there.

If you decide to challenge the charges against you in court, rest assured that Dom Chieffalo will provide an aggressive defense of your rights by disputing the evidence against you at every turn. Breathalyzer tests and blood tests are not infallible, and neither are the police or prosecutor's versions of events.

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