A Living Will Puts Your Health In Good Hands

There are few decisions as important and as personal as your health care. If you do not express your preferences, your loved ones may have to guess at what you would choose when it comes to important treatments. A living will, or health care proxy, is a legal document outlining your preferred treatment. It allows others to know your wishes if you are incapacitated and designates someone to speak on your behalf.

As you age, the decisions become more complex and more significant, which means you need your loved ones to know your wishes and to be ready to step in and help. Medical professionals can't make these decisions on their own. They need legally recognized direction from a living will.

Dom Chieffalo is an experienced and caring lawyer who will work with you on a health care proxy that defines your expectations.

Making Sure That Your Voice Isn't Lost

The Law Office of Dom Chieffalo in Danbury has created many estate plans, including living wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other important documents that protect your legal right to make your own choices. We're a caring firm that works directly with you. You'll speak with a live representative on the phone and you'll meet with attorney Dom Chieffalo in person to discuss your personal preferences and how to implement them.

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